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A 10 year permit to take water was granted for use in the Teedon gravel pit

It’s February 2nd 2021 and it has recently come to my attention that a Gravel Pit has further been given a permit to extract, utilise and move into close proximity of the Tiny Township water table. This water is the freshest water on the planet, so the idea that anyone would want to compromise the water for gravel or money, is hard to understand.

Here is more from Erin Archer a local water protector.

“On January 14th 2021, a 10 year permit to take water was granted for use in the Teedon gravel pit in Tiny Township, Ontario. We are asking you to take action against this.

The Teedon pit seeks to take water from the adjacent aquifer that is thought to have the purest water in the world! It is no surprise that local residents are concerned for their drinking water as approximately 80% of local residents rely on private wells from this aquifer for their drinking water.

Before 2018 when the Teedon pit’s last PTTW expired, studies showed that the removal of the protective layers on the aquifer were disrupted to the quality of the water and lead to both quality and quantity concerns for residents drinking water. You can learn more in this article, or by visiting their website.

Yet again we see our government granting corporate water takers permits to take water at the expense of the wellbeing of residents, the environment and of course, water.

Stand up with Tiny Township and elevate the message of the local council “we are fundamentally opposed to the extraction and washing of aggregate in environmentally sensitive areas” by submitting your comments to the Environmental Registry of Ontario

Let’s revoke this Permit to Take Water immediately!”

In Response

In response I looked around for information and emailed everyone I could about my concerns, my hope is this inspires others to get involved in the conversation and help protect the world’s most precious asset.

Well spoken by Coun. Tony Mintoff as can be found in a recent article by The Star publication on this topic.

“I think we’ve been advised by our staff that the permit addresses the township’s request for additional wells and has a robust monitoring program,” he said. “My problem is that perhaps by the time it identifies the problem, the harm is already done. If we’re going to spend any money, we should spend it to load our gun and prepare ourselves for the appeal, rather than taking on the responsibility of monitoring when somebody else is causing the problem.”

What did I do?

I emailed as many as I could find off hand. Including;

What I said was as followed;

“Hello my name is Joseph McDonald, I am a consultant, philosopher and philanthropist who has every intention of helping people realise the value of clean water.

As mentioned on my website for my clean water initiative as supported by Doctor Emoto’s work Water feels and is altered by thoughts and emotions in addition to the traditionally understood physics taught to children in school.

Since in Elmvale we have the freshest water on the planet, why would we risk comprising the best most valuable class of the most valuable asset on the planet. I ask for you to help support me in reducing or eliminating any potential contamination to the best water on the planet. This includes from any gravel pit contract extension put in place in the recent past. It’s not worth the risk.

I will admit I don’t know the industry of gravel extraction, but I am fairly certain it is a lot easier to find another place than to fix a damaged aqua filter.

Thank you,



Love and blessings,

416-998-5037 –

Here is some more valuable reading on the matter.

In Conclusion

The world of environmental protections for nature’s key resources is a wait until it’s to late philosophy, if you understand the nature of water than you should understand the importance of why we need to protect clean water. If you can spend any money, time, energy or interest in helping protect this planets most precious resource, please do! If we sit back and do nothing, we may lose our status as the world’s freshest water on the planet. What could be more valuable than clean fresh water?

Thank you for your time and considerations.

Much love and many blessings as always.



Clean Water Initiative Website pre launch

Hello beautiful, welcome to my first blog here. My name is Joseph McDonald and I love you unconditionally, I love you so much I will confront you about your opportunities.

There is no challenges, simply opportunities.

So when I recognised a low quality control standard implmented purposefully 16 years ago, I made vows to make the world a better place. I do this by putting as much of my best energies into places I know need help.

One such area is here, with my desire to help you question the quality of your water relation now and make it better moving better. For you and the water quite honestly, you may not be yet ready to appreciate all forms of life. But for me, I find water as much more than a chemical bonding. I find it to be an element of spirit, and its tolerance and cooperation is subjective to it’s relations.

I bless everything around me!

I bless everything so much so, that I even bless adversity. So when we bless water, we can actually influence it. Is this a new concept for you? Please take some time and consider the life works of Dr. Masaru Emoto. This master from Japan brought the 4d into the 3d for humanity by helping explain the metaphysical impacts of our thoughts on water patterns. On his website you can find many results of humans thoughts on the water.

So in closing, bless yourself, bless your water, drink your water, love everything!


Joseph McDonald