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Today we are continuing our efforts at examining how to most cost effectively bring clean water to as many people as possible. With requests and regular correspondence to a few friends in Kenya and Nigeria among other wonderful nations, the demand for aid is what sometimes feels like endless. With this in mind and with a concern about the security of funding international programs, including the financial demand beyond our current reach, we have looked at other ways to help as broadly as possible.

With this in mind, let’s learn how to make our very own cost effective filters. Using this first video, we can see that using activated charcoal, or activated bio carbons is essentially all we will need to assure we have much cleaner drinking water. In my mind using this method will improve tap water in most if not all major cities around the world.

In the video above we find a simple effective method to keep your drinking water clean, All we need is:

A cutting tool

A drilling tool

A bottle or container

Activated charcoal or activated bio carbons.

Cheese cloth or screen, gauze

Step 1

Rinse the activated charcoal until it runs clear.

Step 2

Cut the bottom off the bottle

Step 3

Make the screen and drill holes in the cap.

Step 4

Put the cap back on and fill the container with the activated charcoal or activated bio carbons.

Step 5

Lastly we need to make a diffuser to distribute the water through the filter more evenly, Optionally you can also use a coffee filter, and you also want to make sure to clean the diffuser and the cap as determined necessary based on usage.

Now let’s look at how to make activated charcoal?

Now that you know how to make activated charcoal, you can sell it, or you can make these filter systems to sell. What a gift to the community this can be.Don’t forget to consider trade as a method of payment from those less financially successful than yourself.

However you maybe looking to build a more permanent filter for a larger volume of use, like at a school perhaps? Check out the video below. By making more layers to the filter, we can help filter the water more.

Ideally unlike in the video above, we rinse our carbon and other filter layers before use.

Check back on the 12th when I publish a blog talking about mistakes to avoid when harvesting rain water.

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