In the event you don’t live near a fresh water spring or have the ability to get water from the spring to your home, the next best thing is to get a well! Safer then relying on tap water or infrastructure build by someone else, is to do it yourself. So how difficult can it be to get your own water straight from the ground? Apparently easier than we thought.

Step one and probably the most important step, is to check the local water table. Some regions have water right under the surface of the ground and some areas don’t have water anywhere near the ground level. Discovering this is the most important first step.

Below you will find a few guides that can really show you what digging a well is all about.

Let’s start with a handy man who did an excellent job for under $500 dollars plus time and effort.

Below is a picture and description based guide you can follow talking about the same process.

& below is another more amateur attempt at hand digging a well. It’s pretty fun too

Looking to build your own well using a kit?

This site has some pretty awesome kit based solutions, it’s also a good resource to build your own from their items list.

All of this is built off a system of pressurising the water which forces it up against gravity.

Find similar resources of information here from my original website. Great information to have in case of an emergency.

Thank you for your time and interest, and many blessings in securing your very own clean water. Remember to test your water and forecast obstacles.