Hello beautiful, welcome to my first blog here. My name is Joseph McDonald and I love you unconditionally, I love you so much I will confront you about your opportunities.

There is no challenges, simply opportunities.

So when I recognised a low quality control standard implmented purposefully 16 years ago, I made vows to make the world a better place. I do this by putting as much of my best energies into places I know need help.

One such area is here, with my desire to help you question the quality of your water relation now and make it better moving better. For you and the water quite honestly, you may not be yet ready to appreciate all forms of life. But for me, I find water as much more than a chemical bonding. I find it to be an element of spirit, and its tolerance and cooperation is subjective to it’s relations.

I bless everything around me!

I bless everything so much so, that I even bless adversity. So when we bless water, we can actually influence it. Is this a new concept for you? Please take some time and consider the life works of Dr. Masaru Emoto. This master from Japan brought the 4d into the 3d for humanity by helping explain the metaphysical impacts of our thoughts on water patterns. On his website you can find many results of humans thoughts on the water.

So in closing, bless yourself, bless your water, drink your water, love everything!


Joseph McDonald