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Upon reading many articles about the crisis and need for clean water in communities all over the country, here is some quotes to truly help illustrate what I have learned.

In an article titled Safe Water for First Nations,

β€œ174 advisories In May 2018, there were 174 drinking water advisories in over 100 First Nations.” from the source


In an article about how students and teachers can take action for clean water in first nations, with a quote from a grandmother.

”  β€œit feels like a struggle every day of existence.” [60-year-old Mohawk grandmother and traditional medicine keeper Sandra Diabo ] ”

Now when I hear this quote I think two things, first thing, no one should feel like that, especially not a 60 year old grandmother, second thing, I have felt that way in the past too. So I can relate to the suffering and need for change, we need to do better for grandma is what my heart tells me, hopefully your heart feels the same. That article can be found here


Here we have a massive report labelled as Make it Safe, Canada’s Obligation to End the First Nations Water Crisis.


So I don’t know about you, but Canadian’s are Canadians. Just because the first nations have been a victim of genocide, does not mean we can further tolerate the Canadian Governments corrupt and criminal actions towards our fellow Canadians.

So what am I planning to do about it, well, honestly, I don’t know yet. I contacted the council of Canadians encase they wanted to work with me to facilitate a course of action to resolve these challenges.


However after waiting a few days, I am not sure if they have the personal to get back to me or assist.

So I have to assume right now I am among a minority of Canadians with care, concern and the intention to make a difference.

So I have collected a list of well diggers, find the excel file below,

Among other organisations of the people actually able to assure the work that needs to be done, my main focus right now is bringing awareness to the need and my intention to help.

I have more research to do, one bit to see what people can do with man power and limited resources, as I have seen well digging done by hand, and also to discover who is working on this, and would I be better to align with someone else or just go straight at the problem myself.

We are so privileged to have the Elmvale spring just around the corner with the freshest clean water on the planet, other Canadians are not so privileged. So it is our duty to help them find viable long term solutions to their needs as well.

Here you can find a petition to continue resisting any negative impact that may occur by the development of dumps in the area about the Elmvale aquafilter.


Important in this is that I don’t want anyone to rely on anyone else, as much as this is a human right in my mind, everyone also has the right to the opportunity to step up and do more. Finding the balance here is important.

Thank you, and god bless!